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Did You Know?


Do you know that in 2010, about 9,000 babies were hospitalised for congenital and neonatal conditions in subsidised wards at public hospitals. Even though they were in B2/C class wards, some 700 had bills that came to more than $5,000. A pregnancy or maternity insurance can secure insurance coverage for your newborn in any case your baby is born with congenital conditions.

Getting Prenatal insurance allow your baby to enjoy guaranteed coverage without any medical underwriting when the policy is transferred from the mother to the child. This provides peace of mind for mothers and help to ensure that the child’s future is secured. 


Pregnancy complications are rare, but they still occur from time to time. Gestational diabetes is a common health issue that is known to affect 1 in 5 women during pregnancy. While Pre-eclampsia can be found in 10% of all pregnancies.

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